Need to Replace Your Old Concrete Walkway, Patio or Driveway?

Need to Replace Your Old Concrete Walkway, Patio or Driveway?

Hire our concrete contractor to complete your project in Lincoln, Seward or Beatrice, NE

If cracked concrete is ruining your property's curb appeal, reach out to a professional to replace it efficiently. Concrete Wizard, Inc. provides top-notch concrete replacement services for residents in Beatrice, Seward and Lincoln, NE. We can also replace concrete that has potholes, drainage issues or a weathered appearance.

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Check out our 5-step concrete replacement process

You can count on our professionals to provide concrete replacement services that meet your needs, match your style and fit your budget. Our concrete contractors will:


  1. Remove your old concrete features and haul them off to be recycled into stone
  2. Grade the sub-grade and install temporary forms to hold the wet concrete in place
  3. Pour the new concrete and smooth it out immediately to prevent it from drying unevenly
  4. Add the control joints to allow room for movement and control random cracking
  5. Apply a brush finish, let the concrete harden and remove the forms

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Based in Lincoln, NE, we service the surrounding area, including:

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